I’ve started working on plans for the fall shows and what inventory I’ll be taking to each one. I’m so excited about a new line of products that I’ll be debuting this fall! I’m not ready to share with everyone what I’m working on, but it involves purchasing large quantities of linen for some trials.. I’ve been studying in depth different linen blends and cotton vs linen and European linen and linen, linen, linen. I’m pretty madly in love with the stuff at the moment to be honest. Things are in the works and I promise to share soon enough!

 Upcoming Secret

Chai Popsicles

This week while I was at home working, and I ventured up to the studio on a particularly hot afternoon. I had made my daily chai and headed back downstairs to make it an iced chai, rather than hot and decided to take a totally different approach…. We recently bought some popsicle molds, so I poured my chai in there and made it into a popsicle! So good.. I’m still experimenting with various popsicle recipes, but goodness, what a nice summer treat!

So – here’s a quick recipe –

Chai Popsicle Recipe

Chai – you can either use regular chai tea and add some cream, milk, or yogurt (oh how I love the honey almond yogurt from Target!), OR, if you want to do this the super simple way, just use a chai latte mix. I’m obsessed with the Oregon Chai mix. Tazo also makes a really good organic liquid Chai concentrate that I buy a lot, but was out of it this week. The photo above represents only a fraction of our chais.. I may go a little overboard with tea purchases, but that’s a story for another blog..

Chai Popsicles in the Making

So, make your chai as usual – however YOU prefer it. For the photos I just used the chai latte mix, but it was tasty with reg chai tea and a little almond milk, and a bit healthier. Now, pour into popsicle molds.

Chai Popsicles Ready For The Freezer

Freeze for at least 4 hours – mine were still a little slushy when I checked after 3 hours, but by the 4th hour, they were totally solid. Your freezer may be different.

Freezing the Chai Popsicles

When we took them out, they were a little hard to get out of the molds, and I didn’t want to pull the stick out, so I ran the mold under warm water for about 30 seconds and voila – chai popsicles! So simple and tasty! It’s like a kid’s treat for grown up taste buds.

Husband getting ready to eat a Chai Popsicles

By the way, that is the husband‘s hand – I don’t have man-hands or thumbs that bend backwards.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I had a few moments of panic earlier when my computer said it needed to “system restore” or something similar.  I got it to finally come back to normal and saved EVERYTHING to an external hard drive.. I’m afraid the end may be near for my dear laptop.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12741247143308918302 Holly Embry

    Those look YUMMY, Christine! I love chai, but I haven’t been drinking much of it because it’s such a warm flavor and it’s been so stinkin’ hot. You may have just provided the perfect solution to my chai-less summer! I don’t have popsicle molds, but I think it would be a wise investment considering all the tasty things I could make.

    Also, this part:
    “By the way, that is the husband’s hand – I don’t have man-hands or thumbs that bend backwards.”
    gave me lolz.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14749936290513419829 Thom

    Them’s some nice man hands in that pic.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12058070419259404409 Renee

    Those do look very yums! Chai is so delightful. The Chai Latte at Topeca is really good, if you’re ever in the area! I lol’d at the man hands! And all I have to say is.. Shoulda got a MAC! Hahahaha! :)

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