The past few weeks have been a blur of activity, ups and downs, and everything in between.

There was an Indie Emporium volunteer appreciation party at Joe Momma’s for trivia night.  Goodness what great help we have.  I am so thankful for these darling people.

Somer of SomerKnits with Holly from HollyRocks (i love these girls!)

A few Saturdays back, we ventured out to see our friends at the B.A.zaar.  We didn’t set up this year because of the hectic schedule we’ve been living, but it was fun to say hello to friends and meet some new makers.  I bought some laundry detergent from the Peaceful Housewife, which I’ve been looking forward to trying, and another laundry-related purchase, a felted wool dryer ball from SomerKnits.  I also picked up some lovely scents from Plume Perfume, and a bar of Pumpkin Lager soap for the husband’s stocking.  I may or may not have picked out a Christmas gift for myself.

We also picked out some pumpkins to decorate.  I got one gigantic one, one regular sized one, and a bag of little cute and colorful ones.

The rest of that weekend was spent at home cleaning my studio, finishing up my midterms, reading, packaging prints and store orders, and having an all around relaxing, but still productive time.

 I’ve been spending a lot of time treasure hunting.  I tend to do this when I’m feeling stressed or need a little pick me up.  I’ve certainly been finding some great lovelies.

This sweet leaf picture was taken while I was waiting in line at one of the best estate sales ever.  I bought enough lovely treasures to fill their own entire post.
This past weekend we checked out the Harvest Festival at Cam’s Grocery downtown.  We made a quick trip to OKC to see my family and have a Thanksgiving dinner.  Yep, it’s early for that, but my uncle has been in the hospital with brain cancer and we wanted to have a nice family gathering while he was still with us.  Oh friends, it’s so sad to see such a positive and kind man being destroyed by a nasty disease.  I send all of my love to my family in OKC and sure hope that they find just a little bit of comfort in these difficult times.  I can’t even imagine what they’re going through these days.  2011 has been a year of loss for so many people that I know and I just wish there were any word of encouragement that could ease the pain.
The husband took me by Cuppies and Joe on the way out of OKC to get a pumpkin steamer and a little treat for the drive home.  Mostly I just wanted a warm drink to hold the whole way home because it’s been so chilly out.  There is something so comforting about a warm, steamy drink on a cold and gloomy day.
I spent most of Sunday working on some fall projects and getting things ready for the Girlie Show this coming weekend.  I had this fun, silly little idea a few weeks back to have a pumpkin party where everyone brings a pumpkin flavored treat to share.  We ended up with a nice crowd of 25 people and such a wonderful assortment of pumpkin delights.  Pumpkin enchiladas, pasta, canolis, and of course lots and lots of sweets.  Lovely times, and I needed an afternoon with friends pretty badly.
 I wish I’d taken more photos, but here was a little corner of the goodies.  The husband and I made my pumpkin apple pie, and a pumpkin dip.  Oh, and some really rich and tasty pumpkin cider.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I’ll try to squeeze another post in before this weekend, but no promises. 😉
  • Holly

    You have been such a busy girl! At least you’re good about photographing all the fun stuff you do. That way you can remember it later if it starts to happen too quickly. 😉

  • Renee

    What fun! Loving this weekend’s recap :) So sorry to hear about your uncle, but I do think it’s a lovely idea that you guys all got together for an early Thanksgiving, those are the kind of happy memories that will last forever. I’ve been quite the hermit lately, but I’d love to meet up with you sometime soon for coffe and chit-chatting :) xoxo

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