Here is the first little graphic for Indie Emporium 2012.  September 28th & 29th, you should probably put that on your calendar.  Right now. 

It’s been a rocky morning around here, and I thought the best way to cheer myself up would be to make a sweet little graphic and paste it around our little internet world.  And  it worked, because now all I can think about is how darn excited I am to see all of my favorite makers and artists in one place. 

Lovely Renee does most of our graphics, but I didn’t want to pester her right now about making anything because she’s oh, just a little busy planning for her wedding in 7ish weeks!  So, I took this one upon myself and used the font that I’m currently a little obsessed with.  You might have seen it somewhere before..

I tried to think of some lovely colors for our first graphic of the year and headed over to my pinterest board “color love”, where I’ve been pinning those little combos that make me swoon.  I saw this picture of this necklace that I pinned recently and thought it would be a darling palette.

Gosh, I want that necklace more than ever right now!  And I’m so happy with these colors, that I’m thinking it’s definitely time for a blog makeover.

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