I’ve currently got a handful of crafty ideas floating around, but first I’ve promised myself that I would get my online presence all organized and be consistent with it.. That means blogging/myspace-ing/twittering, so here I am .

Tonight we had the first Tulsa Craft Mafia meeting of the year and I’m feeling really motivated to work towards some new craft related plans.

Tomorrow I’ll be opening a new bank account and getting my weather&noise business all legit with the state. This will be my third registered business (1. suchprettythings 2. indie emporium) and with all of these ideas that keep popping up, I think I’ll be registering one more by the end of 2009. Taxes are such a pain, but now in my third year of filing business taxes, I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Other plans for tomorrow include finishing up my studio organization. Long, long overdue, and desperately needed.

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