The Four Finger Fundraiser pop up sale started today!   Want to know what the sale is all about?  Here’s a snippet from the site.

We are raising money to support Jonathan and Amber Perrodin who own and operate Perrodin Supply Company, a small supply store in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. It is a mom & pop style business that prides itself on old-fashioned friendships and exceptional products.

Jonathan is the sole carpenter behind PSCo, and last Friday, February 22nd, Jonathan amputated his right index finger while working in their studio. In a moment, their lives changed. Now they are trying to figure out how to move forward with their business, but the damage to Jonathan’s finger has resulted in loss of time, as well as huge medical bills.

That’s where we come in! In an amazing show of support, handmade artists and makers across the states have decided to organize a fundraiser. Beginning on Monday, March 11th, donated goods are being sold in an online pop up shop, and all of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Perrodin family to help them with their medical bills.

There are so many amazing things to buy!  I want them all!  Check out the sale here.

perrodin 4 finger


I know, I know, lack of blog updates and all.. Well, running weather&noise, Indie Emporium, and now our shop made: The Indie Emporium Shop, has been keeping me a little busy.  A lot busy.  I don’t know when I had free time last.  And that’s not complaining, because I love everything I’m doing.. but, those things have all taken priority over blogging.  I can say that I’ll try to be better, but really, I don’t anticipate the rest of my life slowing down for the next few months because we’re opening a SECOND LOCATION of made!

A second location for made: The Indie Emporium Shop
There’s other life stuff that I wish I’d blogged, and I wish I had time to write and record somewhere, because eventually I might want to reflect on it, but eh, sorry future self.  Maybe I’ll shoot for a 2012 recap highlighting those life changing things that happened in my 30th year.  For now, I’m busy making things and making things happen.

I just wanted to post a quick heartfelt note to say how much I’m looking forward to calm summer days.

Usually spring is my favorite time, but oh, I do love fall… and of course winter has it’s charm too, but this year it’s summer that I’m longing for.  I think because it represents a time that I’m so desperately needing.  A break.  Pretty much all of last year, and all of this spring, have been non stop, go, go, go.  I don’t want to complain, because I’m lucky to be involved in so many wonderful things and I choose to do it, but I do need a break and just a little time to reflect, and nap, and swim, and patio dinners with friends and family, and watch movies with the husband, and do projects around my house.  I miss those things.  Lately it’s wake up, shower, drink a quick smoothie, work on my weather&noise business for a few hours (screen print, store orders, etsy orders, etc), then head to the shop (which again, I LOVE!), work till either 6 or 8, depending on the day, go home, do homework for my classes, attempt to do laundry and clean for a few minutes before I fall asleep.  And repeat day after day since November.  I’m off on Sundays and Mondays, but every Sunday holds some sort of meeting or event and Monday is when I try to catch up on the homework that I didn’t get completed during the week, which usually ends up being about 6-8 hours worth. And then there’s my favorite Monday activity, crochet night with some of my favorite ladies.  That time is kind of my solace every week.. the only time when I get to just sit, and do something I enjoy, and drink coffee for a few hours and know that nothing else needs to happen then.  And that’s kind of how I’m going to look at my summer.  I’ve now completed my last final for the semester and I won’t be enrolling in summer classes this year.  I have said no to a number of opportunities for collaborations and projects over the summer because I’m taking this summer for me.  This will (hopefully!) be the last summer I have with Thom as just our little 2 person family, and I want to soak up all of this time to remember forever.  I want to have picnics, and go to the movies, and on fancy dates, and make lemonade,  take Tucker to the dog park, have long conversations with friends on our patio, and do some of those kinds of things that have kind of fallen aside in importance because of our hectic schedules.  Also, I want to cook more.  And grow some things.  And finish a whole bunch of unfinished projects, both around my house, and little crafty things that I’ve started for ME, not for business.  These are all things that will keep me busy, but in a rewarding way.

When I was a kid, summer was always special.  I spent most of my summers with my grandparents.  Both sets.  Sometimes at the lake sewing and painting and baking with my grandma.  I miss her sugar cookies.. nobody else makes them the same way.  She taught me to sew.  I treasure those moments in her sewing room.  She had this gigantic spinning thing with tons of drawers and while she would sew summer dresses for me and let me pick out fabrics and trim, I’d pour out the buttons and categorize and sort them into different arrangements.  I spent hours on that floor watching her and being amazed at her ability to make anything on with just fabric and her sewing machine.  I do hope I end up with a little girl one day that can wear all of those dresses I saved that were handmade with so much love by her.  And then there was making birdhouses with my Poppy.  And getting my hair curled, oh how my sweet grandma Fran loved to curl my hair into ringlets. And paint my nails.  And lather me up in Avon Skin So Soft and take me out to catch butterflies in the butterfly net we made together.  Every time I smell that stuff I think of her. I would usually just catch grasshoppers and was pretty terrified of them, but she’d get them out of my net and drive me up and down the hills in their golf cart, letting me swish and swoop with that silly little net until my heart was content.  It sounds like a picturesque and made up childhood, but that’s exactly how it was.. dreamy and perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about those days, I just would have made them last forever.

And with my grandparents in Tulsa, we’d go to Big Splash for senior aerobics, bright and early in the morning, and I’d get to swim around the wave pool with the waves turned off and I’d scavenge for change, and jewelry, and keys, and all the other random things that people lost in those big dramatic waves.  It was such a fun happy, (and strange!) memory because it was like a daily treasure hunt.  Then we’d spend hours at the library.  I’d always pick out a huge stack of books to take home and my grandpa would always grumble about having to carry so many.  We’d go back to their house and I’d sit outside under their big magnolia tree and read and read.  And I had my summer friends, three sisters that lived next to my grandparents.  I remember spending days, maybe weeks, working on a huge strawberry shortcake latchhook piece with them in my grandparents driveway.  On Fridays we’d set up my grandma’s booth at the Tulsa Flea Market.  She had an antique business called “The Little Black Pump”, named after an antique water pump that she treasured.  I definitely get my business sense from her.  I *loved* helping unpack and display her antiques at her booth each week.  Every Thursday was “hair day” for my grandma and we’d all walk over to the beauty shop.  Carol, the lady who had done my grandma’s hair for basically my whole life would always braid my hair, or do something silly to it and let me sit under the big dryers next to my grandma, reading smutty gossip magazines and thinking I was such a grown up.

And now I am a grown up.  And my grown up life has taken over a bit too much and I’ve decided that I want one last kid summer.  And I haven’t given up on all commitments.  I’m still of course going to be running the shop, but might actually consider hiring a part time helper to work some of the evenings/weekends.  And I’ll be teaching a class at Youth Services with the teens every Tuesday night.  Oh, and I’m organizing the vendors at Free Tulsa in July.  And organizing Swap O Rama Rama at Philbrook in July.  And planning Indie Emporium.  And having our sweet 7 year old nephew come stay with us for 2 weeks.  And this weekend I’ll be a bridesmaid in one of my favorite lady’s wedding.  Things will be busy, but I’m vowing to be better at balancing it with time for myself, and time to just enjoy and savor those sweet summer days and warm sunshine rather than just avoid the heat between tasks and to do lists.

A Birthday Giveaway with Our Friend Erin from Carosello Blog

So, it might not be my birthday for a few more months, but it is one of my sweet friend’s birthdays today!  To celebrate, she’s hosting a giveaway on her blog!  A $150 giveaway!  Pretty awesome.. and $50 of it is to my shop.  So, head over to Erin’s blog and leave a comment with your favorite birthday memory.  


Here is the first little graphic for Indie Emporium 2012.  September 28th & 29th, you should probably put that on your calendar.  Right now. 

It’s been a rocky morning around here, and I thought the best way to cheer myself up would be to make a sweet little graphic and paste it around our little internet world.  And  it worked, because now all I can think about is how darn excited I am to see all of my favorite makers and artists in one place. 

Lovely Renee does most of our graphics, but I didn’t want to pester her right now about making anything because she’s oh, just a little busy planning for her wedding in 7ish weeks!  So, I took this one upon myself and used the font that I’m currently a little obsessed with.  You might have seen it somewhere before..

I tried to think of some lovely colors for our first graphic of the year and headed over to my pinterest board “color love”, where I’ve been pinning those little combos that make me swoon.  I saw this picture of this necklace that I pinned recently and thought it would be a darling palette.

Gosh, I want that necklace more than ever right now!  And I’m so happy with these colors, that I’m thinking it’s definitely time for a blog makeover.

Hello lovelies.  Life is just so sweet and sunny days are coming.  Having the shop has been an adjustment, for sure, but I’m happier than I’ve been in so long.  Schedules are crazy, sure, but I don’t think I’d know what to do with free time any more.

Some things that I’ve been up to lately –

Planning a monthly DIY segment for KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa show.  So far you can see my dear friends Holly & Samantha doing the tv spots, and we’re having a class at the shop each month where anyone can come do the project in person.  Tomorrow is Steampunk Washer Earrings.

Lots of new shops!  And even some restaurants!  My weather&noise tea towels were featured in Oklahoma Today Magazine this month, and I’ve barely even been able to keep up with the response from shops and even a few restaurants placing wholesale orders.  It’s a good problem to have, friends.

New artwork.  Oh, in the downtime at the shop, I do a lot of daydreaming, and I’ve got some really lovely new designs that’ll be printing before fall show season.

Weddings.  One of my dearest friends and the sweetest girl I know is getting married in May.  And I’m a bridesmaid. And it’s going to be just about the busiest weekend of my life, but I can’t wait.

School.  Still plugging away.  Two classes at a time, but should be done soon-ish.  I’ve been totally neglecting my studies (hi, 12 hour midterm project done in 5 hours yesterday), but I’ve kinda realized and accepted that I’m burnt out on it right now.

Oh, and this!  I’m so excited to be sponsoring Amy Sedaris’ project and book signing at Philbrook in May (back to that one May weekend being so busy!).  I love Amy, and I’m super excited that she’ll be visiting my shop.

It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a giveaway here on the blog.  Since I’m finding a bit more online time these days, I wanted to celebrate my return to blogging with a nice lovely treat for my readers.  Sooo… I’m giving away this little darling.

These pillow covers are screen printed with my illustrations (you know I love bees, right?), and then sewn into an envelope style pillow cover. I don’t have them listed in my etsy shop, but they’ve become hot little commodities at shows and the shop lately.  They sell for $40, and I’ll throw in some other treats for the winner as well.  Oh, like maybe some tea towels, pocket mirrors, or other lil lovelies that you just might fancy.  Let’s see, how about $75 in weather&noise treats.

To enter, make sure you are following my blog with the “join this site” button over on the left AND a fan of the weather&noise facebook page.  Leave me a comment letting me know that you like me in both spots (blog & facebook) and you’re entered!  If you want to earn an extra entry, go follow me on

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AND, for a third entry, share the weather&noise facebook page with your facebook friends and leave one more comment on this blog post.

I’ll leave the contest open until Monday, 2.27.12.  I’ll pick the winner via and will announce it on Tuesday morning.  Good luck lovelies!

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