You may remember my heartbreak last year at the news that Domino magazine was no more.. If not, you can read here.  I’m constantly pulling out my old copies to look at something and have been scouring yard sales and the internet for the 3 copies that I’m missing.  One of the saddest things about Domino’s demise that all of their online content disappeared as well. 

Well…… I just read that has acquired Domino’s archives and will be posting them online shortly!  In fact, some are already there!  Click here to see what has so far.

Speaking of design, has anyone been watching this season of ‘Design Star’?  I’ve loved this show in the past, but have been a little underwhelmed so far with this season. 

There hasn’t been much to update with since I have not left the house since Sunday and it’s really been some lazyish time at home. I’ve been experimenting with some soup recipes. Two batches of homemade Chicken&Noodle, one tasty, one not so much.

My classes (Designing Careers, Design of the Built Environment B, & Printmaking) started on Monday and I’ve been reading up and getting prepared and organized for the semester. I’m actually really looking forward to each of these classes and think that they will all help me with some of my current aspirations. Last semester I took Design of the Built Environment A, which included design work and space planning for a residence. The “B” section is designing a commercial space, so I’m really pretty excited about all the daydreaming I get to do.

I’ve also been knitting, sketching, and watching too much television. The television has mostly been cooking shows (yeah, a few month ago I decided that I want to go to culinary school) and old episodes of Cold Case. The downtime has been nice, but I’m antsy for the ice to melt so things can get back to normal.

I’m feeling heartbroken today because I just got word that Domino is no more. The magazine and website will be cease to exist in March and I’m so disappointed. We lost Blueprint (and bluelines!) last year, which was really sad also, but now what is a young designer to read and find inspiration from?? I like some of the other design mags, but Blueprint and Domino were much more my taste than other Martha mags or Arch. Digest. At least I still have Readymade & Craft.

On a happier note, has anyone read the current issue of Domino with Zooey Deschanel? Browsing magazine covers at Border recently, I noticed that she’s on 4 or 5 covers this month. Isn’t it adorable that she’s engaged to Ben Gibbard? I’m pretty sure they are the cutest couple in the whole world. I’ve kind of loved him since I saw him singing with Jenny Lewis and then a little more when I saw this video.

I guess with that I’ll get back to the pressing matters ahead of me for the day. Maybe some reading. And some coffee. You’ll notice this little green mug in just about every picture from today. That’s because I love it and I especially love the cinnamon hazelnut coffee that I recently discovered and can’t stop drinking.

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