Last Friday, we hosted our 5th Tulsa Etsy Craft Party at my little handmade shop.  Here are a few shots from our previous parties.   What a sweet community of makers we have here in Tulsa.

Tulsa Etsy Craft Party Tulsa Etsy Craft Party 2010 make:Tulsa and the Etsy Craft Party in Tulsa at the Philbrook Museum 2012 Tulsa Etsy Craft Party at the Philbrook Museum Tulsa Etsy Craft Party 2013Erin Wilson of Carosello with Hollyrocks at the 2011 Etsy Craft PartyDelicious handmade goodies for the 2011 Etsy Craft Party 

This Year’s Etsy Craft Party

The 2014 Etsy Craft Party theme was “Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs”, so we incorporated photographs into each of the projects.  We embroidered on photos, made photo coaster tiles, pinback buttons with photos, and a stamped photo stand.  

2014 Etsy Craft Party

My mom picked up these antique cardboard frames at an estate sale earlier in the week and we thought they’d make really fun favors for the party.  Some of them had handwriting from the owner, listing names and years, and although these were from the estate of someone else, the penmanship looked identical to my own grandma’s letters and notes, which made them special to me.  Hopefully they will be for their new owners as well.

Etsy Craft Party projects Etsy Craft Party styling and projects

I can’t have a party anymore without fresh flowers, so I put some at each project station and gave them away as some of the door prizes at the end of the night.

Etsy Craft Party attendees making projects Etsy Craft Party attendees making projects

We had a spot for everyone to drop off business cards to and also created a “let’s be friends” board, where each attendee could list their name, email address, website, and links to all social media.  We’re compiling the list and sending it out to everyone this week so everyone can go fan/friend/like/rss and connect with the other attendees.

Etsy Craft Party attendees making projects

I’m pretty obsessed with this easy photo stand project and will post a DIY tutorial soon, although it’s easy enough that you barely even need instruction.  I made a few, some with initials of people I like as little gifts, and a few for the shop that spell out MADE.  I think I might make some more of these to use as signs around the shop or at craft show booths.  I adore the #mydadisrad one that a creative lady came up with at the party.

Polymer clay photo stand at the Tulsa Etsy Craft PArty

I’m not gonna lie, it was a *rough* day.  My little shop got robbed that afternoon and rather than all those last minute party prep things, I was dealing with trying to recover our stolen money and police.  That’s a post for another day though… The party went really well and it’s always inspiring to meet new makers!  We had lots of lovely ladies join us at the party and we gave out lots of fun prizes from the shop.  I want to give a public thank you to Holly from Hollyrocks and Briana from Bifftastica for helping lead the projects and for always being so supportive of these crafty events.

We’ve had lots of requests for more craft parties and we are working on plans for another one soon for those crafty Tulsa folk.  What kind of projects would interest you?

Does anyone else get the daily Etsy Finds emails?  I sure loved yesterday’s theme; Librarian Chic.

(oh just think of what you could stow away in all of those drawers!)
I’ve been dreaming up a library print.. Perhaps I’ll give you a sneak peak at the sketches in my next entry.

We had a great turnout for the Etsy Craft Party!  Philbrook was an amazing party venue and I think everyone had a great time.  I’ve uploaded the full set of photos to my flickr

I may even upload photos from FiberFest – geez, that was back at the beginning of May and I never even mentioned what a great success it was!  The barn was a perfect atmosphere for the event and everyone had a wonderful time.  I bought some handspun yarn from Angora Jane and have been dying to start knitting myself something from it.  And of course it was fun to have such a lovely weekend houseguest, miss Samantha Lamb!  We had a lovely time together!
Thom started his new job with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation this week and I think he’s going to be much happier…  There is a lot of change happening in our lives, but it’s mostly positive and I am feeling so fortunate lately.  I had a really difficult spring (perhaps why the blog is so neglected!), but things are looking up. 

I’ve got a new series of prints in the works and will share some photos as they progress..

By the way, I totally changed up the website/blog.  What do you think?

Tulsa is having an Etsy Craft Party and everyone is invited. is using the just launched Meetups Everywhere tool to throw a huge worldwide party on June 18 (Etsy’s birthday). Etsy challenged local creative communities like ours to create, join or step up to organize an Etsy Craft Party in their town, and we want to make Tulsa’s party a huge success!

The top 50 parties with the most RSVPs will get a free Craft Party Kit. So be sure to RSVP soon, so we can show Etsy how crafty Tulsa is. Sign up here. is a marketplace and community for artists & crafters & the people who love them, but you don’t have to be an Etsy member to participate. More info on the Etsy blog:
I am still searching for the location for Tulsa’s Craft Party – so if you have a good suggestion, please let me know!

I’ve been postponing blogging because I feel like I need a real update.. and I promise to have a recap of my 4 month absence soon, but for now, enjoy the milk + honey treasury I just made.

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