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Our Fort Worth trip was fun and successful. I think we even managed to make it back to Tulsa without catching the swine flu, despite my worrying!

We got into Fort Worth on Friday afternoon and dropped off all of my craft show stuff at the Funky Finds venue. The rest of Friday included a trip to the Kimbell Museum, a trip downtown, and our anniversary dinner.Funky Finds was a lot of fun and I was really impressed at how together everything was for a first time show! There were lots of shoppers and raffles and it was a fun atmosphere. Once I’d made enough to cover my booth fee, I started shopping. I bought a craft show apron made from some IKEA fabric that I’ve been eying.. Sorry, I don’t even remember who I bought that from. I bought a cute barrette from rachel elise, my booth neighbor. I also bought some gifts for a few lovely ladies who may or may not read this, so I’m not going to mention those!

After the show we went to dinner with a bunch of other vendors at an awesome/awful barbeque restaurant. Thom and I ended up with free drinks though, so I can’t complain!

It’s been a rainy week at home working on finals. We had some big excitement when I looked outside Tuesday to find ducks swimming in our pool! We still have it covered from winter, so they were in the tarp water… so I just let them swim around all afternoon.

Tonight I’ll be setup at the Visual Arts Center Baywalk, part of the Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl. I’m not taking much, just some prints and a few other little goodies. Come by and see me if you are in the area. 6-9 pm!

Next weekend is Deluxe in OKC and the following weekend is Blue Dome! Lots to do!

The husband and I leave tomorrow morning for Funky Finds in Fort Worth! This will be my first out of state show. I’m feeling like I should have prepared a little more.. but I have quite a bit of inventory. I’ll be selling……

screen printed & appliqued reclaimed clothing
bjorn plushies

some of the prints I’ve been working on
buttons/bottle openers/pocket mirrors
screen printed tote bags
little accessories

Everything is pretty much packed up and ready to go, but I feel like I need to be working on things, so I’m making some Indie Emporium fliers right now.

Some of you may know that I used to sell dresses on ebay.. Well, I haven’t been listing anything there and would really like to sell the 70 prom dresses that are currently hanging in my living room. I posted on craigslist to sell them and got bombarded with replies, so I’m planning a dress sale next Tuesday. Fun stuff!

Wish me luck in TX!

I’m finishing up the last 5 weeks of school and preparing for a busy, but exciting summer.

I finished a new series of prints this week. The colors are actually much nicer than the scan shows, but my camera is sadly broken. I printed an edition of 10.

One of my other classes is now taking up about 2-3 hours a day of my time and probably will until I turn in the final on May 14th. However, I received word from my other teacher today that my midterm (a rough draft of the final project), was complete and I did not even need to change anything, so I guess I will only have 2 finals to work on! That’s fabulous news and will give me lots more time to focus on lots of new prints!

Have I mentioned how much I’ve fallen in love with printmaking?

I’ve also taken up the new habit of coupon shopping.

This weekend is Eastern Easter/Pascha and the husband is off work tomorrow for numerous Good Friday services, a vigil, then Saturday holds the main events. I’ve made a lovely Pascha basket for him full of goodies. Actually so much fun stuff that it over-flowed into a second basket! He asked what I want in my basket and I told him not to make me one since I don’t really go to church with him, but secretly I hope that I still get one. Maybe with some pens and pencils. I seem to have lost everything to write with except my fancy drafting supplies and I really don’t like to use those for making lists. Pascha services start at 11pm Saturday and last 3-4 hours. I’m typically really bad at church attendance, but I usually try to make this service as it is the husband’s favorite.

Next Wednesday I’ll be selling my wares at the TU Conscious Consumer Marketplace. Stay tuned for more details.

Then on Friday, we head to Fort Worth for Funky Finds Spring Fling! The husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary on Friday and after the drive to TX, and my booth setup at Funky Finds, we’ll be heading to the Kimbell and out for a nice dinner.

I got my NeoCon info in the mail yesterday. Excited.

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