The Before
The After

I’ve been doing some general organizing around the house lately.  As some of you know, my main “office” workspace has been in my living room for quite some time.  My studio is upstairs, in one of our spare bedrooms, and my sewing machine moves from space to space depending on where I feel like working.  This “system” has been okay for a while, but leaves me feeling a bit fragmented.  In an attempt to simplify more things into one space, I decided last week that I wanted to set up shop in our (almost never used) formal dining room.  I got the go-ahead from the husband and set to moving furniture.  After a few days of total mess and chaos, things are coming together.

The After
One of my yarn stashes

In fact, I’ve even submitted my space to the CB2 / The Selby contest.  Please vote for my space if you so kindly would!  I don’t think I have much of / any chance of winning, but I thought I’d at least submit some photos for fun.  My pictures aren’t greatly shot and I’m just too tired to really work on creating a nice vignette.. Goodness, did I mention that I have this awful summer cold.  I was hoping it was just allergies, but I’m going on 4 days of stuffiness and exhaustion now.  I guess it’s time to give in and take some meds.  boo.

The bedroom – as it is now..

I’m planning to paint our bedroom in the coming months.. I have some new bedding that I’ve been antsy to try out, but for some reason I feel like the room needs to be painted first.  I love the muted mustard color, but just don’t find it good for the bedroom.  I think I’m going to go with a nice soothing grey wall color.



In other news, I got word that I was accepted as a vendor at the Jingle Bash in Dallas in November.  I went to Jingle Bash as a shopper last year and had a great time, and bought some lovely letterpress prints, but I’m just so darn excited to be there as a vendor this time around.  And it looks like I’m the only vendor that’s NOT from Texas.

I’ve got some photos from recent make:Tulsa events that I’ve been meaning to post.. will be back with those tomorrow!

Happy Thursday friends!

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