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I’m all caught up with the stores that I sell weather&noise and Christine Sharp-Crowe goods in.  Hooray!  Now I’m working on getting some new things in my etsy shops.  A little late for holiday shoppers, but that’s just how it happened this year.  Lots of photo taking over the past few days.. Here’s a little preview of what I photographed yesterday – mostly of my crafty stuff.  I’ll be photographing my new homewares (tea towels and pillow covers) and a few new prints today and will update with those tomorrow morning. 
  Embroidery Hoop Wall Art!
 Screen Printed Ceramic Pendants!

  And screen printed linen coasters!
I’m also going to make a little time to prepare for the make:Tulsa Christmas party this weekend.  We’re having a handmade ornament swap and doing some handmade gift wrapping at the party.  Can’t wait!
But for now, I’m getting out of the house for a bit.  We’re getting a brand new roof this week and the noise is making it extra hard to stay focused.  Bang, bang, clonk, bark, bark, bang.. yes, Tucker has almost exhausted himself from the nonstop barking at the ceiling. 

Almost, but not quite.

This is just a little peek at some of the homewares I’ve been working on.  They’ll be available first at my fall shows (Oct 29&30 – Indie Emporium, Tulsa, Nov 5&7 – Girlie Show, OKC, Nov 20 – Jingle Bash, Dallas) and I’ll be listing them in the etsy shop on November 10th. 

I hope you like them!  I have a few other new prints that will be on tea towels and pillows and I’m just so excited to share them with you. 

These photos were all taken by the lovely Samantha Lamb.  We had a splendid time together yesterday and I just love how dreamy her photos make everything look.  

Since summer classes have been winding down, I’ve found some time to work on creative endeavors over the past few weeks. Here are some of the new items I’ve listed in the shop.

Airplanes Bottle Opener Keychain

Red & White Globes Pocket Mirror. I love this paper! A few months ago I used it as a cover on some of the books I was binding and it’s quickly become one of my favorite papers.

& lastly, the Grow A Beard, and Must Have Moustache Buttons.
Click any of the pictures to be directed to the etsy listings. I’ll be making a lot more of these for fall shows and actually had a little spare time to make some new button designs today that I hope to add to the shop next week.

Also, make your way over to Homemaker Hero today where I posted a guest blog with one of my favorite projects.

More updates soon with pictures from my blogging hiatus.

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