With the start of the new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions, goals, or whatever you want to call them.  The main change I want to make with 2014 is to let go.

Letting go is a pretty open ended goal without a quantifiable way to track, but I think it will help me in other aspects of life and business.

A few things I’m letting go of…

  • Big ideas that I don’t have the time, energy, or money to hold on to anymore.  This one might be the hardest..  I’ve had a very specific idea for a long time of what I wanted Made and make:Tulsa to be.  I have big ideas for things, and sometimes they just aren’t practical.  It bums me out a great deal to recognize that this place I wanted to create just isn’t going to happen, but I need to let go of the dream and focus on what my retail space and weather&noise are evolving into and just roll with that.
  • Critiquing myself based on other people’s successes – I think it will help me develop as a a designer and artist to stop focusing on what other similar businesses are doing, both right and what they are doing wrong.  Rather than trying to emulate other people’s successes in my own businesses, I want to just let things happen organically.  Also part of this, I want to make things that I like and I hope that people like them too.  I don’t want to create something based on a trend or with the idea that it will be “sellable”, I want to create things that I find beautiful and that reflect my aesthetic.  And I hope that people will buy them.
  • Past friendships that have ended in hurt – I’m not going to get caught up in letting them hurt anymore and I’m not going to keep my guard up so much this year.  Because, generally, people are good.  I’ve been fiercely protecting my feelings and not been very trusting of anyone these days and that’s just silly.
  • I am going to let go of thinking about where I thought my life would be when I was at this age.  I never did this until I turned 30, and I don’t really remember ever setting a timeline of life moments, but now I feel like I’m constantly worried that I’m failing at one or a handful of them.  Yes, I’m 31 and will just be finishing my degree this year.  I don’t have children yet.  It’s not exactly how I had it pictured all along, but there have been lots of accomplishments that I never could have planned for either.  Balance.

Did you make any new goals with the start of 2014?



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