I’ve missed blogging about a bunch of things over the past few weeks, but I’ve been working on schoolwork so much that I have not been blogging/twittering/playing online really at all. Really, 3 classes does not sound like a lot, but I’m working 7ish hours a day on schoolwork and I’m still struggling to stay caught up. My intent here is not at all complaining, I really love what I’m learning and I feel fortunate to be studying art/design, but one of my classes has an overwhelming amount of work…

So, a few things. In list format because that’s how my brain is working right now.

Thursday – Tulsa Craft Mafia article in Urban Tulsa!

Friday – Craft O Rama show at OU. Really nice people, neat building, but I didn’t sell all that much.. lots of MLM vendors.

Saturday – Tulsa Art Studio Tour – loved it! Really, this was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time. I’d wanted to go to this for a few years, but schedules conflicted.. This year we were finally able to go. Really fun and inspiring. We came home that night and worked on my studio (yeah, I’m changing it around again already!). I’ve decided to separate art from craft! I’ve pretty much taken over our theater room with the “craft” and left my studio for fine arts. And fabric storage.

Sunday – Tulsa Craft Mafia meeting – Sadly the last one at the Collective as we received word Monday morning that our favorite spot closed. I’m really, really bummed about this. Definitely going to the “cry and get shitfaced with us” party tonight. $1 drinks, yo!

Couponing… I’ve been studying the ins and outs of how to use coupons and save money.. In fact.. I’m going to the 918CouponMom party tonight before the party at the Collective. That’s right, a coupon party! I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Indie Emporium 09 – I finished working out the details today, we will be at VFW again and dates are October 9/10. Going to work on the new applications and website asap.

NeoCon – I’m registered!!! I’m more excited about this than I probably should be about anything, but seriously, I cannot wait!! For those that don’t know, NeoCon® World’s Trade Fair is North America’s largest conference and exhibition of contract furnishings for the design and management of the built environment. Showcasing thousands of new products from hundreds of the world’s top manufacturers in commercial, residential, hospitality, institutional and government design products, NeoCon promises to impress its design-savvy audience with the latest trends throughout the world. ” CAN NOT WAIT! I think a group of students from my school will be attending with the head of the IAD dept, and I’m hoping to join them.. or go alone, whatev, just so long as I’m there.

Funky Finds – I’m going to be setting up at Funky Finds in Fort Worth on April 25th. The husband and I will spending our 5th anniversary there. Fun!

I registered for summer classes today. I’ve been putting off 2 classes for quite some time and I’ve decided to take them both in summer (ie 6 week) format. It’s going to make summer no fun, but I’ll be glad to have them finished. AutoCAD and Building Construction (drawing plans for how to build cabinets, door frames, etc.. things I never plan to do).

There are more things floating around in my brain that I’d love to share, but I’ve got to get ready for my coupon party! I’ll leave you with some of my recent prints and the plans I drew for the San Francisco Visitor’s Center today.. Thrilling stuff, right??

This one is from one of Adam & Sommer’s wedding photos that I stole from his facebook.. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t read my blog, but the husband did let him know that I was cropping him out of his wedding photos for a project I was working on.

Swap O Rama Rama was a success! We had 101 people attend.. not bad for our first year! Click the picture above to read the Tulsa World article. How lovely to see one of my dresses on page 2 of the newspaper! If you want to know how Swap O Rama Rama Tulsa went, check out some of these blog posts from some of the ladies that came.

We had a BUNCH of leftover clothes which were dropped of at Youth Services of Tulsa on Monday. When I attended Swap O Rama Rama in OKC, I was so inspired by the awesome community of crafters who came together for the event. It was a neat blend of people and I’m so pleased that the Tulsa community supported our first try at such an event. Fox 23 and Channel 2 came to the event and did interviews and we had so much media support. I’m also really happy to have somewhere like the Collective to let us use their space and help out with these events. And Colleen is a super poster-maker!

Here are pictures from Tulsa’s first Swap O Rama Rama. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

This is probably my favorite picture from the day! The lovely Holly of sweetheartville, with her precious little girl. Photos below by Justin Dotson.

Brigid looking adorable in a dress refashioned by Tara Mason.
Setup before everyone arrived. Photo by Tara Mason.
A few pictures from Brigid…

And the rest of these pictures were from my phone. I’ll upload all the pics to the Indie Emporium myspace soon, and maybe even to flickr if I get motivated enough.

I forgot to mention in the last post that a few weeks ago a few of the lovely Tulsa Craft Mafia ladies and myself met at The Collective for an interview with the Tulsa World about handmade Valentine’s Day gifts. I was happily surprised to find my mod-podge screen printed pinup girl tote and tea towel on the front page of the newspaper and a few cards that I made in the picture in the Scene section. Here is the article in it’s entirety.I got my beautiful Audrey Eclectic ornament in the mail yesterday. So pretty! Thanks Heather!! Not only do I love it, it gave me an excuse to use my lightbox again. Not much else to report right now. The husband is diligently working on finals. I’ve spent most of my week working on the color printing process with lino blocks. As I mentioned in my last post, I won’t be listing any of these prints for sale because they oh-so-closely mimic Orla Kiely’s pear. I just wanted a simple shape that could easily be somewhat monochromatic to practice registration and learn how to use two blocks/two colors for one image. I’ll be creating some of my own two color designs quite soon.

Which color scheme is your favorite?

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