After much panicking, I have my first coat printed on the next 39 prints.. I had ink drama lastnight/this morning. I was pretty sure that my final would not get completed, or at least completed properly, thus dropping my solid A to a bad grade.. you know, lowering my GPA, and therefore just crushing my world. I wish that grades didn’t concern me so much, but I OBSESS over them.. I have gotten one B so far in college. I’m pretty sure that tears were shed.

You would think that with my feelings about grades, I wouldn’t wait until the last minute on assignments, but I always seem to find myself scrambling. And you know what? It usually turns out just fine.

This morning felt like the brink of a nervous breakdown. On my current worry list, finishing the next 3 colors (9 screens) of colors on these 30 prints, finishing my SFVC redesign project, preparing for and getting to OKC/Deluxe Saturday, preparing for Blue Dome the following weekend, the garage sale at my house on the same day as Blue Dome (thanks neighborhood association for caring about my other plans!), getting the Indie Emporium website updated with 2009 info, getting tucker’s shots, figuring out how to “open” our swimming pool, getting my car fixed, travel arrangements, and about 40 other things. Also, tomorrow is my only free night until the 17th.. Who knew May was so busy? If I check out and don’t respond to anyone for a few weeks, you know why.

So, although overwhelmed, I can always just think about last September/October and remember that things will get done and I will carry on. Really, things could not be busier than that.. If you’ll remember, I was screen printing 2,000 bags for the National Trust for Historic Preservation with 6 weeks to go. And I had no screen printing experience/help. Or supplies. And Indie Emporium approaching with many emails/calls a day about it and lots of prep work. And in laws at my house for 9 days. And parents house floods. And squirrels were living in my attic. But you know what, I finished the bags early, enjoyed time with the family, had the squirrels evicted, and planned a successful event. And I can’t wait to do it again this year.

Here is what I’m working on this week..

I’ll be screen printing editions of 10 of each of these prints. It’s part of my final in my printmaking class.. gotta be done by the end of the week. If you’re counting, that’s 10 screens! yikes.. better stop distracting myself with bookmaking and get to work on these.

Tonight my Tulsa Craft Mafia friends will be coming over and we’re designing our booth layout for Deluxe in OKC this weekend and Blue Dome the following weekend. Lots of work to do!

Friday I set up some artwork and handmade goods at the Visual Arts Center Baywalk. I’m really excited for the Visual Arts Center to open (looks like 2010 or so..). It will be in the Mathews Warehouse, home of the first Indie Emporium. I really love the space and was happy to participate in the art show. And….. I sold a few more prints! It is encouraging that people keep buying my prints, since I’m sort of new to the process. I saw some familiar faces and someone even mentioned collecting weather&noise products! I definitely plan to do this show again next time.

Saturday I spent a lot of time working on homework and one of my assignments was to make a hand bound book. The husband thought that sounded like fun, so he made his own. Actually, he picked it up faster than I did and finished before me. So, I have decided to add these to the weather&noise line because I think they are so cute. I bought bunches of fun papers for the covers and recycled, acid free paper for the “guts”. The husband spent a lot of time cutting the pages to size yesterday and tonight we’re going to watch a movie and bind them. I’m already excited about learning more binding techniques, but for now we’re just using a simple stitch.
Yesterday, on the way home from Michael’s, for some reason we drove through Jenks and totally on a whim decided to get a new chiminea to replace the broken one. I can’t wait until later this week when we’ll have time to grill out some veggies and light up the chiminea.

I’m finishing up the last 5 weeks of school and preparing for a busy, but exciting summer.

I finished a new series of prints this week. The colors are actually much nicer than the scan shows, but my camera is sadly broken. I printed an edition of 10.

One of my other classes is now taking up about 2-3 hours a day of my time and probably will until I turn in the final on May 14th. However, I received word from my other teacher today that my midterm (a rough draft of the final project), was complete and I did not even need to change anything, so I guess I will only have 2 finals to work on! That’s fabulous news and will give me lots more time to focus on lots of new prints!

Have I mentioned how much I’ve fallen in love with printmaking?

I’ve also taken up the new habit of coupon shopping.

This weekend is Eastern Easter/Pascha and the husband is off work tomorrow for numerous Good Friday services, a vigil, then Saturday holds the main events. I’ve made a lovely Pascha basket for him full of goodies. Actually so much fun stuff that it over-flowed into a second basket! He asked what I want in my basket and I told him not to make me one since I don’t really go to church with him, but secretly I hope that I still get one. Maybe with some pens and pencils. I seem to have lost everything to write with except my fancy drafting supplies and I really don’t like to use those for making lists. Pascha services start at 11pm Saturday and last 3-4 hours. I’m typically really bad at church attendance, but I usually try to make this service as it is the husband’s favorite.

Next Wednesday I’ll be selling my wares at the TU Conscious Consumer Marketplace. Stay tuned for more details.

Then on Friday, we head to Fort Worth for Funky Finds Spring Fling! The husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary on Friday and after the drive to TX, and my booth setup at Funky Finds, we’ll be heading to the Kimbell and out for a nice dinner.

I got my NeoCon info in the mail yesterday. Excited.

The Marimekko Spring 2009 Collection is now online. Check it out here.

I’m working on paper lithography today and I’m really excited about all of the possibilities! Will update soon with new prints.

I forgot to mention in the last post that a few weeks ago a few of the lovely Tulsa Craft Mafia ladies and myself met at The Collective for an interview with the Tulsa World about handmade Valentine’s Day gifts. I was happily surprised to find my mod-podge screen printed pinup girl tote and tea towel on the front page of the newspaper and a few cards that I made in the picture in the Scene section. Here is the article in it’s entirety.I got my beautiful Audrey Eclectic ornament in the mail yesterday. So pretty! Thanks Heather!! Not only do I love it, it gave me an excuse to use my lightbox again. Not much else to report right now. The husband is diligently working on finals. I’ve spent most of my week working on the color printing process with lino blocks. As I mentioned in my last post, I won’t be listing any of these prints for sale because they oh-so-closely mimic Orla Kiely’s pear. I just wanted a simple shape that could easily be somewhat monochromatic to practice registration and learn how to use two blocks/two colors for one image. I’ll be creating some of my own two color designs quite soon.

Which color scheme is your favorite?

Last week I took a brief sabbatical from the internet..

What I missed blogging about was this little guy that we adopted for a few days. We saw him on craigslist and he and Tucker shared a name and a breed. We thought perhaps they could be great friends, but sadly Tucker1 wasn’t a fan of Tucker2. Maybe something about the NONSTOP playing interrupting all of his many naps. Tucker2 went back to his foster family after a 5 day stay at our house.

Valentine’s day fell somewhere in my internet hiatus.. Thom and I really don’t make a habit of doing much for Valentine’s Day.. we went out to dinner and took the evening off from homework, so that’s a pretty nice treat these days. This year we did actually go to a grown up restaurant, rather than continuing the Chick-fil-A tradition. For those who haven’t been, each Valentine’s, the Chick-Fil-A on 71st has a “romantic dinner” with table linens, flowers and candles on the table, waiters, live music.. the full deal. It’s about the most darling thing to do for VD and I think next year Thom and I might have to return to that.

Our Target did finally put out the Orla Kiely goodies last week and I got these.

The two color block print I’m working on right now is actually Orla Kiely inspired.. I won’t be selling this one because it’s too similar to her pear and I was just trying to learn the color printing process, but maybe I’ll post some pictures when it’s completed.

I did list my first linocut print in my etsy shop last week. You can see it here
Oh, other news, I won a blog contest and will be getting another Audrey Eclectic ornament, which I’m really excited to hang with the other artwork in my studio.

That pretty much recaps my past week. I won’t bore you with the hum drum details of homework, work, mortgages, remodeling, etc.

Oh how I love these quiet afternoons…..

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