I know, I know, lack of blog updates and all.. Well, running weather&noise, Indie Emporium, and now our shop made: The Indie Emporium Shop, has been keeping me a little busy.  A lot busy.  I don’t know when I had free time last.  And that’s not complaining, because I love everything I’m doing.. but, those things have all taken priority over blogging.  I can say that I’ll try to be better, but really, I don’t anticipate the rest of my life slowing down for the next few months because we’re opening a SECOND LOCATION of made!

A second location for made: The Indie Emporium Shop
There’s other life stuff that I wish I’d blogged, and I wish I had time to write and record somewhere, because eventually I might want to reflect on it, but eh, sorry future self.  Maybe I’ll shoot for a 2012 recap highlighting those life changing things that happened in my 30th year.  For now, I’m busy making things and making things happen.

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